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A weekend in Amsterdam

Kate Melua wrote ‘There are nine million bicycles in Bejing...’, personally, I think there are more in Amsterdam, as a rough estimate I would say about a zillion – all have right of way over pedestrians but not though, over trams who have the right of way over everyone.

Getting about then is best by tram which handily is cheap and also very efficient at moving through the swathes of cyclists.

We based ourselves fairly centrally just a three minute walk from Dam Square, there are many hotel or hostel options available all over the city and given the excellent transport links nowhere is too far from the centre.

There’s plenty to see and do in Amsterdam and there are a few ‘must do’s’.

You really must see the Anne Frank museum but you have to pre-book your ticket in order to ‘skip the line’ otherwise you will be in the queue for at least a couple of hours. Another must see is the Van Gogh museum and of course you cannot leave without having taken a canal cruise.

As with all major cities there are plenty of shopping opportunities, Amsterdam is also stuffed full with restaurants and bars, Amsterdam also enjoys ‘special’ coffee shops that aren’t quite the same as Costa or Starbucks.

My tips for Amsterdam would be, keep constantly alert when walking, cyclists share your space and have the right of way, if you just want a coffee go to the right coffee shop, pre-book the Anne Frank museum and don’t wear flip flops to the Ice Bar.