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Do you book early or wait for a late deal?

Where to go and when to book...

Do you have children at school or is your work commitment tied to the school terms?

There is only one way to get the best price for a holiday during the school holidays... BOOK EARLY!
Tour Operators generally release their brochures about a year in advance, however, we are now seeing some cruise companies release availability two years in advance. Often the release of a new programme will have the highest 'early booking discounts'.

The longer you hold off booking your break in the school holidays the more expensive it will become. Why? - supply and demand, an operator will increase the price the fewer the holidays remaining - The Operator knows and beleives that there is always someone willing to book and to pay to price asked.

When should you book if you restricted to a particular date and hotel where nothing else will do?.

If this is the case and to avoid any dissappointment it is essential to book as soon as you can. This advice applies to whether you plan to travel in or out of the school holiday period.

You don't care where you go and you can travel anytime.

If it's a beach holiday to the Med then why not wait until a couple of weeks before departure, you should be able to pick up a bargain. But this advice doesn't always apply! If you are planning to use a scheduled airline, for example British Airways, then once again book early as airlines generally offer their best fares to the early bookers.

If you are booking just the Flight only.

Regardless of whether it's a long haul flight to Australia or a short hop to Dublin the advice is always book early. Generally, airlines release their availbility ten months prior to departure. Airfares are demand driven, the fewer the seats remaining the more expensive they become. Be first and get the cheapest.

Whenever you choose to book we are here to assist, we'll design a holiday you'll love. Anytime is a good time to book a holiday!

Give us a call on 01474 814411 or come in and see us in store - our advice is free and always unbiased.