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Exploring Croatia

Croatia is seen as an up and coming holiday destination with more and more people enjoying holidays here each year. Many people aren’t sure where to start researching this area so we wanted to narrow down ‘things to do’ and focus on the top hidden gems that we would encourage you to visit or try your hand at when visiting Croatia.

1. First of all is Dubrovnik, a city you will become mesmerised with. It has marble streets that stretch for miles and a sea of terracotta rooftops that set it apart from other cities. If you’re into exploring and learning about another country’s culture then the ancient walls that surround this magnificent city won’t disappoint, neither will the stories behind them.

2. A hidden island just off the coast below Split called Hvar is home to the more luxurious homeowners with their expensive yachts and designer handbags. You can swim from most of the beaches on the island and many are known for the parties that are held on them at night. With some major festivals now being held in Croatia, Hvar is definitely becoming one of the popular party islands!

3. Dip in the Sea! This might not be obvious as we always focus on the ‘places’, but the Adriatic Sea here is absolutely beautiful with its silky texture and unmatched colours. You will not be disappointed with your dip in the water here due to the warm temperatures and your walks along the beach will be pleasant owing to the smooth white sand covering the beaches.

4. Croatia is a popular spot for leisurely sailing. At times you will see many boats out at the same time where the passengers follow the same route, socialise together and visit the local attractions. If this isn’t your idea of sailing, there are many quiet coves in the surrounds which will provide you with the relaxation that you need.

5. ‘Slow Food’ is a term used in Croatia to describe their culture of eating. It promotes local, fresh and seasonal ingredients, and enjoying the ritual of eating. Not only is this about the food but each course is paired with fitting wines for you to enjoy, so this is an element of Croatian culture to be experienced.

Andrew Baker

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