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The Bright Light City - Las Vegas

“Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire...” Las Vegas isn’t so much a Marmite destination. it’s simply bonkers, you’ll either come away raving about it or be left numb from the sensory overload. That’s how Las Vegas will grab you.

Our flight from the east coast saw us arriving in to Vegas in the evening; outside was complete darkness as the aircraft flew over the Mid West and The Rockies then at 50 miles from Vegas the Captain announced that our descent had began and even from this distance you could see the bright light city, I could feel my soul ignite.

There are many travel ‘To Do’s’ and cruising The Strip at night is most definitely one. Your senses are quite literally assaulted with neon, fire, water and music not to mention the heat. Las Vegas in June is just about as hot as hot gets anywhere on the planet, at eight in the morning the mercury topped 100°F.

There are non-gaming hotels in Las Vegas but you didn’t come this far just to watch. Most hotels offer a free novice lesson to get you started. The casinos never close, there are no windows or clocks, just the sound of Dollars being won or lost.

Tear yourself away from the tables or swimming pools during the day and head out to the Grand Canyon. As there may be ‘fifty ways to leave your lover’ there are just as many ways to see the Grand Canyon – your choice is how? Helicopter, plane, boat, car or coach. Once that decision is made, which rim to view the canyon from? West, North or South.

But it is the evenings when Las Vegas awakens. It’s show time and there are plenty to choose from and there’s always a superstar big name playing Las Vegas. You have to see Las Vegas to believe it. It’s unashamedly brash and all the better for it too. Pure Hedonism.

Special thanks to the MGM Grand Hotel and Gold Medal Travel