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Congratulations a Silver and Bronze Medal

Congratulations to Mr Derek Collier, who won both a Silver and Bronze medal representing England at the 2016 Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships held in Christchurch. When travelling to the other side of the planet to represent your Country it’s important to arrive in the very best condition. Mr Collier flew with Singapore Airlines, his connection in Singapore for his non-stop flight...

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Here comes summer...2017

Where on earth did the summer go?Have you noticed that the evenings are now drawing in? Autumn will be here in just a few days, the new series of The Great British Bake off and Strictly will be starting any time and before you know it we'll be watching the new John Lewis Christmas advert. Now's the time to start thinking about next years holiday, we have a handy destination guide that can help yo...

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Andrew Baker

Aug 22 2016 Share Tweet
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